Welcome to Staying Connected

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We’re finding ways to help us all stay connected.

What are you doing up here? The Daily Connects post are down below. Have fun. Wait! Do you still have an idea for the Daily Connect? Use this form to submit your own.  You can also now view all of the idea submissions (some we used; some we didn’t), so feel free to steal/remix/adapt/share. This whole thing has been one huge collaborative, connected experience and we appreciate your help and collaboration.

The Daily Connect is inspired by the DS106 Daily Create, and was first part of the Connected Courses network and is now part of the Connected Learning (CLMOOC) adventure. We adapt.

#CLMOOC #DailyConnect: Make a Meme

Nothing says snarky wisdom like a well-written meme. But it also honors the space it skewers. For today’s Daily Connect, try your hand at a meme. Share your image out on Twitter and other social media spaces.

Not sure about memes? Check out this Make Bank share from a previous Making Learning Connected Make Cycle. There are lots of meme making tools on the Interwebz. Find one, make one, share one. (You might want to check out Know Your Meme for the underlying cultural connections, too).

(This one suggested by Kevin.)