Author: dogtrax

I teach sixth grade and I am also the technology liaison with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. As an educator and a writer, I try to explore the intersections of those worlds. I seek to encourage curiosity as well as make connections to curriculum. Learning is more than lecture and listening. Learning is about diving in, exploring, reflecting and connecting back to the classroom environment.

#CLMOOC #Dailyconnect: The Random Connector Generator

Push for Fun-1

Everyone knows the impulse to recycle and re-use is a good thing. So, too, is this site. It was first set up to support Connected Courses, but is now being revamped for Connected Learning MOOC (CLMOOC), Write Out, and beyond. If you want to get a surprise  … use the Random Connect Generator.

Just click here and make your way to one of the Daily Connect ideas at this site. We don’t know where you will end up but we are pretty sure you can find some neat ideas. Feel free to share out with friends or within your network. It’s all good.

Happy Connecting!