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I teach sixth grade and I am also the technology liaison with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. As an educator and a writer, I try to explore the intersections of those worlds. I seek to encourage curiosity as well as make connections to curriculum. Learning is more than lecture and listening. Learning is about diving in, exploring, reflecting and connecting back to the classroom environment.

Testing Out IndieWeb With Poetry

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For this Connected Writing Activity — which is taking place rather randomly as a test of something new, so pardon the odd nature of the post — we are testing out Greg’s idea for IndieWeb syndication across blogs. He has a “sub” set up for poetry at IndieWeb, so let’s try that.

Here’s what you can do to test it out:

Here is a poem (written for Wendy for her GitHub Poetry Project)

Hidden lines

– snippets –

tumble in,

beyond sight –

words like this,

create tension.

We disassemble creatively,

for no rules may apply.

We bite sound.

We snip code.

We write.

Did it work?