Final #CLMOOC (post) #WriteOut DOODLES OF PLACE: Bridges

Image by Ron

Welcome to today’s suggested topic of inspiration for doodling and beyond. THIS IS OUR FINAL PROMPT FOR THIS ROUND OF ACTIVITIES. Each day in October, we have been sending forth a different theme variation of PLACE to inspire doodles, art, writing, or whatever you want to create. This daily offering of ideas is connected to CLMOOC and Write Out.

Today’s theme: Bridges

You can share in your usual places. We invite you to use the #clmooc or #writeout hashtag on Twitter, or the CLMOOC Facebook group, or share in the CLMOOC Flickr Group, or come into a relatively new space under development called YAP.Net, designed for draft writing and sharing in a safe space. We’ll see you there.

The icon for this month’s theme of PLACE was made and graciously shared by our CLMOOC friend, Ron.

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