#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: The Open Sky

Gold Medal Park [explored] flickr photo by A Brand New Minneapolis shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

Look up. The sky is its own canvas of wonder.  Imagine this: we all share the same sky, just different parts of it at different times of day. Your sky is part of my sky, and mine, is part of yours.

For today’s feldgang activity, gaze up at the sky, day or night or somewhere in-between, and take notice. We suggest you find a nice plot of ground to lay back on and then just become quiet. Looking, wondering, wandering at the expanse above you. How does the sky inform your world?

Capture what you notice in writing, with photography, with sketching, with a story or a memory or a poem. Share your sky with us.

Need inspiration? This project — Eyes on the Skies — was part of a Digiwrimo collaboration.

Feldgang is a close exploration, a quiet deep dive into the world. For CLMOOC, we are using the idea of a Feldgang as our theme.

You can share in your usual places. We invite you to use the #clmooc hashtag on Twitter, or the CLMOOC Facebook group, or share in the CLMOOC Flickr Group, or come into a new space under development called YAP.Net, designed for draft writing and sharing in a safe space. We’ll see you there.

If you want to jump to random Daily Connects, this link will take you there.


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