#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Lift A Log or Roll a Stone

OLD TREES NEVER DIE THEY JUST GET RECYCLED [TREE STUMPS, DEAD TREES, ROTTEN TREES IN ST. ANNE’S PARK]-115020 flickr photo by infomatique shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

You may remember doing this kind of activity from when you were a kid. If you were this kind of kid. You probably were. Old, rotting wood and stumps, as well as huge rocks, are the coolest thing when you move it from its spot on the ground. You uncover an entire world, really.

For this Daily Connect, we invite you to find an old log or tree stump, or a big stone or rock, and roll it over. What do you see? Capture the underneath in whatever way inspires you. Then, when you are done, go ahead and roll the log or rock back to its spot.

A Feldgang is a close exploration, a quiet deep dive into the world. For CLMOOC, we are using the idea of a Feldgang as our theme.

You can share in your usual places. We invite you to use the #clmooc hashtag on Twitter, or the CLMOOC Facebook group, or share in the CLMOOC Flickr Group, or come into a new space under development called YAP.Net, designed for draft writing and sharing in a safe space. We’ll see you there.

If you want to jump to random Daily Connects, this link will take you there.

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