#CLMOOC #DailyConnect: Send Out Your Voice

We love reading words, of course. Blogs, tweets, forums. But what we would really love to hear is your voice. For today’s Daily Connect, why not record an audio greeting for someone (or more than one someone) in your online community and share your voice?

Can we suggest Vocaroo as a simple, no-registration option? While the audio quality is not great, the barrier to recording and sharing an audio file (with options to download and embed) make Vocaroo a simple way to get your voice out into the world. Here’s hearing you on the Interwebz!

Here’s a sample by Kevin:



  1. Glad you started this little side project! I haven’t been as involved in #ccourses as I’d have liked (or not really, at all..) but this is a fun easy way to participate : ) thx


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