#Dailyconnect: Blog About It


For today’s Daily Connect, we ask you to reflect a bit at your own blog or writing space about the concept of your own connections?

Some questions you might consider:

  • I have a blog?
  • What the heck is the Daily Connector?
  • Why did the ideas flow so fast here?

Come on now … get serious …

  • How can I adapt the Daily Connect ideas here for my own learning spaces?
  • Did the daily activities help me make real connections?
  • Or write whatever you want to write about it (yes, you have a blog and it’s all yours. Or reflect in the comment section of this blog post.)

Share out your link with us and we will try to comment on your post. The connections are what it is all about (did you just hear the Hokey Pokey melody in your head when you read that last sentence? I know you did.)

(Suggested by Laura)



    1. Thanks, Jim. It was a team effort to crowdsource ideas. We hope it is a sort of legacy project to the community to reuse, remix, share far and wide. And of course, we owe a huge debt to DS106 Daily Create ….

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      1. I may have connected infrequently – but each time was inspiring. thanks to you and the Team… and we will be using this with this year’s Becoming students. thank you! Sandra


  1. I just want to say that my inaction re #dailyconnect was due to lack of time – I wish I had done all the #dailyconnects! I love the regular challenges especially in a connected context. Please forgive me for not participating but school got in my way! You did a great job, really.


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