#DailyConnect: Draw Away

Today’s Daily Connect is taken from Sandra Sinfield’s Last Refuge blog, where she mentions a book, Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment. Originally written by and for art teachers, it is redolent with ‘daily create’ potential. Here’s one to try: Get one packet of 100 sheets of paper and five writing utensils. You have to draw on every piece. You cannot throw any away. You must use them all in a three-week time frame. Adapt away, writers and connectors and artists among you!

And maybe take a picture of some of your art and share it as a gift or token with folks in your community or network. Make art part of your day.

(suggested by The DreadPirate Tellio)


  1. This is such a great idea! I will do this on power point and save some trees. 5 drawing utensils will be a bit more tricky to choose… Any ideas for constrictions that would be similar to using “real” paper and tools?


    1. I suspect those differences might yield some interesting discussions around how the mode of writing/drawing changes what we draw/write, and how we share it out. Or something like that …


  2. So – I have my 100 pieces of paper (I cracked open a 100 pack of large index/reference cards). My five materials include fine liner pen; watercolours; magazines; scissors; glue (possibly stretching the resources definitions a bit here). I managed one bad ‘blind drawing’ yesterday – and five swift collages this morning.
    Just a little quibble – given that I still have 94 pieces of paper to cover in these three weeks – where is the time? That’s it – just where is the time?


    1. As with everything, you do what you do and what you do is fine. No one keeps count. To be frank, I can’t imagine doing a drawing a day for 100 days. Share out?


  3. I love drawing and sketching! I find I have ah-ha moments while sketching. I will purchase an art pad tomorrow. … As for drawing utensils, felt pens, colour pencils (and borrowing from danceswithclouds), scissors, tape and perhaps I will venture into even richer colour with Conte Crayon. I will let you know if I can keep up production. I might even tape some pages together (one drawing, many pages). I suspect 5 pieces of paper a day will be time consuming, but oh what fun! Thanks for the idea – I’ll keep you posted


  4. So far … Three days and four drawings … The drawings are about connect. My fifth drawing will be exploring the connect between the words ontology and epistemology (I confess – this has always been bit vague for me). So far I have written both the words on the same sheet. The rest is blank and it is exciting to imagine what will appear next …. I will share it my blog when it is complete http://lifespeedbumps.blogspot.ca/


  5. OK … I am excited… I have completed a series of four drawings showing the connection between Ontology & Epistemology. And my hands produced a fifth drawing showing me how the fourth drawing described connection. They are all in a blog post for October 13th http://lifespeedbumps.blogspot.ca/ and I would love some feedback … Laura


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