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We’re finding ways to help us all stay connected.

What are you doing up here? The Daily Connects post are down below. Have fun. Wait! Do you still have an idea for the Daily Connect? Use this form to submit your own.  You can also now view all of the idea submissions (some we used; some we didn’t), so feel free to steal/remix/adapt/share. This whole thing has been one huge collaborative, connected experience and we appreciate your help and collaboration.

The Daily Connect is inspired by the DS106 Daily Create, and was first part of the Connected Courses network and is now part of the Connected Learning (CLMOOC) adventure. We adapt.

#CLMOOC #Dailyconnect: The Random Connector Generator

Push for Fun-1

Everyone knows the impulse to recycle and re-use is a good thing. So, too, is this site. It was first set up to support Connected Courses, but is now being revamped for Connected Learning MOOC (CLMOOC) and beyond. If you want to get a surprise  … use the Random Connect Generator.

Just click here and make your way to one of the Daily Connect ideas at this site. We don’t know where you will end up but we are pretty sure you can find some neat ideas. Feel free to share out with friends or within your network. It’s all good.

Happy Connecting!

#CLMOOC #DAILYCONNECT: Make Your Dot on Dot Day


September 15th of each year is International Dot Day, inspired by the picture book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds. On Dot Day, people of all ages create dot-inspired art and dot-inspired stories as a gesture of creativity. The story of The Dot is about making your mark on the world and being free to create and see art in any form that it takes.

For the Daily Connect, why not make your own Dot and share it with someone in your world?

You might:

  • Draw something with circles and hand-deliver it
  • Add a dot to a postcard and mail it to a friend
  • Use digital tools (such as Visual Poetry) to make words into dots
  • Pull out the paints and splash around with color (See what Sheri did)
  • Do whatever you want, however you want

Enjoy a burst of creativity today!