Welcome to Staying Connected

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We’re finding ways to help us all stay connected.

What are you doing up here? The Daily Connects post are down below. Have fun. Wait! Do you still have an idea for the Daily Connect? Use this form to submit your own.  You can also now view all of the idea submissions (some we used; some we didn’t), so feel free to steal/remix/adapt/share. This whole thing has been one huge collaborative, connected experience and we appreciate your help and collaboration.

The Daily Connect is inspired by the DS106 Daily Create, and was first part of the Connected Courses network and is now part of the Connected Learning (CLMOOC) adventure. We adapt.


Today’s Doodle Theme: Exit or Ending

Exit flickr photo by centvues shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

What Is This?

We’re spending the #CLMOOC (Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration) summer with doodles. Every day this month, we will propose a daily theme for you to consider doodling to, or riffing off.

Whatever strikes your fancy, go for it. Each day will be somewhat connected with a theme of “mapping.”

This CLMOOC adventure has dovetailed with yet another open learning project called Write Out, an invitation to connect with public spaces by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service, although feel free to use any open space in any country for any writing you want.

Share your doodling with the #clmooc and #writeout hashtags on Twitter, or in any other space you inhabit.

Since this is The Daily Connector, we encourage you to explore the maps of others, too. Maybe remix or riff off the ideas. Engage in discussions. Ask questions. Take an imaginary journey through the maps of someone else. Write about it.